November, 2020 Homeowner’s Newsletter

Greetings Homeowners,

Is anybody ready for ski season yet????? We are three weeks from rope drop and already snow guns and mother nature are dropping flakes on the slopes. Snow whales will be all over the slopes very soon in preparation of spreading that white, fluffy joy! Do I sound a little excited? Well after this crazy eight months, I just cannot wait to hit the slopes. In preparation, Rimfire is getting ready too. Christmas decorations are going up as well as finishing up the first hallway in our interior remodel program.

Here is the most recent newsletter update from your Board President.

Here is a summary of talking points included in this letter:

  • We have a new roof on BOTH buildings! There is still a punch list of things to be finished and they are working on the chimneys that were about to fall down, but overall, we are in great shape!
  • The interior remodeling is well underway on the first of eight hallways. The new carpet is going to be installed soon and the trim will be finished prior to rope drop if all goes well. While you are in the building, go by the first floor in the South Building to see what it looks like.
  • Parking, ahh the parking system. This is going to be the death of me yet. We have not gone live, but are oh so close, like Thursday this week close. There have been significant problems that have been worked through one at a time. I believe we are ready and will be live with the system any day. If you have not already gotten your unit’s RFID card for parking in the garage, please email Meredith at, to let her know when you will be coming up so you can arrange to get it or have it left in your room. The policy governing access and cost of parking in the garage is on our website at
  • We have had a few employee changes with our maintenance and housekeeping staff. Read on about our newest employee, Matt!
  • The Snowshoe Community Resort District (RAD) is having an election for the homeowner seat representing our Precinct, which is the Central Precinct. Rimfire is in the Central Precinct. I have nominated Randy Light for that SCRD Board position representing the Central Precinct. There are two other nominees. Stephanie Dilley, is an executive with Snowshoe in addition to being a homeowner in Expedition Station. Mari Wolfe owns a unit in Mountain Lodge. I am not familiar with her.
  • The color show from the fall leaf change was just simply amazing this year! If you missed it, you really missed it. I have included a few pictures. You need to consider making this an annual thing if you have never been on the mountain at peak color time. My wife and I took the Cass Railroad four hour trip again. You need to take that trip, especially during this time of year!
  • Verizon is working!
  • Just a reminder, if you want to book your condo for a stay, you need to go through your rental management company. Meredith is not able to handle that for you.
  • Another sprinkler break occurred today in the North Building near center of the complex.

If you have any questions regarding any of the aforementioned topics, please reach out to your management team at


Your Rimfire Lodge Board of Directors

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