June 2021 President’s Update Newsletter

 June 12, 2021 

Dear Rimfire Lodge Homeowners, 

As usual, there is a lot going on at Rimfire Lodge. I know it sounds like we are always saying that, but it seems like even more is going on in the last seven months. I have had several say that my letters are way too long and it sounds like some are not bothering to read any of them. I am going to try some something a little different. I will still have my bullet points, but if you want to read more information, CLICK HERE to read the narrative with all of the juicy information. Please let me know if this works better or is just more complicated. On to the news… 

  • We have a new look to our website www.rimfirelodgeatsnowshoe.com. Take a look! 
  • Our meeting date is Saturday August 7th, 2021 at 9:30am. The official notice will be coming soon. We are going to host this meeting on Zoom again this year to be conservative and safe. 
  • We have a Facebook group “Rimfire Homeowners at Snowshoe Mountain WV”. 
  • A lot of construction is going on. 
  • A few items still remain to finish the roofing project. 
  • The renovation in the North Building is going a lot slower than planned. New carpet is on the third and fourth floors as well as most of the paint. We are waiting to do the walls and carpet of the first and second floors until after GNCC. 
  • The renovation of the first floor of the South Building ended up showing us what we didn’t want to do. The trim will be finished after the North Building is done. 
  • Laundry rooms are in service. 
  • The sprinkler mains are being replaced in the attics of both buildings. 
  • Another 30 fireplaces were replaced during the spring shutdown. 
  • If you are doing any upgrading or just changing appliances, I highly recommend you contact Davis Electric Services in Elkins, WV at (304) 636-3950. They have great prices and delivered, installed, and carried the old one off. Their prices including the delivery and installation cost are cheaper than Home Depot and Lowes without the installation. Call them and tell them you are at Rimfire. Great guys! 
  • If you have not had your toilet rebuilt or replaced, you need to do that immediately. If you would like to get a price from our Rimfire Maintenance to do the repair, contact Meredith at Meredith@mountainlife.net. You are welcome to get anybody to do it, but you need to get it done immediately. 
  • We have added wifi to the Hearth Room and Lobby areas. 
  • Parking in the garage is starting to settle down. Do not use your homeowner RFID card to let somebody out. You will not be able to get out afterwards. 
  • Does anybody have items that their business are disposing of that could help our maintenance team? 
  • We have some information on the origin of the Rimfire name. Pretty interesting stuff! 
  • The Snowshoe Resort Community District (SRCD aka the RAD) had another election for the Central Precinct Board member. Rimfire votes changed the election outcome. 
  • There is an experimental mine that needs all of our attention to help stop possible environmental problems at Snowshoe Mountain. A letter from each of you could help prevent it from continuing. The board is against the mine. So is Snowshoe. 

I know the pandemic has been hard on most everybody, well, unless you own Amazon or make N-95 masks. There are a lot of people that have lost quite a bit. Hopefully, we are coming through this as more get vaccinated and continue to practice social distancing as well as wearing your masks. Your HOA board has been working hard to get as much done as possible. Building materials are not only scarce, they are expensive now. The building is much better protected now. We are going to get the West side of the building painted again, yup, it is already time for that. It should happen this summer or fall. We will get the North Building renovation completed as soon as possible. I understand from the real estate companies that unit values have already gone up about 20% in the last year. The values should continue to climb as more gets completed. 

Very sincerely, 

Kevin Elvin 

CC: Kevin Elvin –President – Rimfire Lodge Executive Board- SUZandKEV@aol.com 

Abdallah Malouf – Vice President – Rimfire Lodge Executive Board – amalouf.rf@gmail.com 

Geoff Truslow – Secretary/Treasurer –Rimfire Lodge Executive Board– Geoff@mountainlifefova.com 

Meredith McNeely – Rimfire Property Manager-Mountain Life (850) 797-9058 – Meredith@mountainlife.net 

Jeff Moss – Maintenance Supervisor, jeff.rimfiremaintenance@gmail.com 

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